About Us

D = R x T

VENture VELOcity – Innovative People Accelerating Innovative Companies

Distance = Rate times Time. It is the first equation most of us learned in Algebra.

But previously unsolved is, how can startups go the distance? They need time to learn what they don’t know, to raise enough money to build their products and services, mature their processes, and find customers before their funding runs out.

Enter venVelo into the equation.

Our Vision

Individuals, and the networks and relationships they have created over their lifetimes, are the foundation of venVelo’s strategy for raising money, identifying growth companies, and mentoring those companies to increase the likelihood of their success. venVelo’s entire Board of Directors has considerable venture experience and multiple exits. Based in Winter Park, Florida, but with relationships with like-minded funds in Gainesville, the Space Coast, and South Florida, venVelo fills in any gaps its portfolio companies may have including management, marketing, sales and distribution, software development, and/or the next round of funding.

There are many variables to a successful entrepreneurial venture. venVelo is a constant.

Innovative People Accelerating Innovative Companies